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Generally self-reliant free-lance ebook creators and self-publishers have a hard time battling for “space” with well established publishing organizations on We can all agree that Amazon has made self-publishing a realistic money creator for self-published article writers and publishers, however having your ebook to be visible high enough in the google search engine results on Amazon books is typically far more troublesome than literally creating and writing the ebook itself.

The second biggest issue for authors and publishers is that even though a possible ebook customer discovers your ebook on Amazon, they may be a little bit nervous about purchasing an ebook that no other not many other people have been so motivated by, about writing up a great review about it. It maybe really hard to believe, but that’s actually not worst case circumstances.

The worst case situation is the fact that someone else did make the effort to write a review for your self-published ebook, on the other hand they only gave your ebook a low rating. Believe me when I tell you with no hesitations at all that having a negative review is way worse than having no reviews whatsoever.

Nobody understands the qualifications and credentials of the man or woman that gives your ebook a negative and badwrap review on Amazon books because he or she maybe absolutely unknown. They may not want to reveal his or her qualifications. They don’t need to verify or confirm that they in fact even read your ebook. Here’s the exact point I am trying to make here; in case that this person does not like your ebook, that’s cool because that’s life. You definitely cannot please every one, but that one negative and bad review of your new ebook on Amazon can put an end to all your profits and sales if it’s the only review online!

In the meantime we need to remember that that’s just business, and move on. Nevertheless, we didn’t make the rules. As a matter of fact, we in no way agreed or support to play by their rules or reviews. I wreckon that Mr Jeff Bezos didn’t care about no damn RULES ” the second, Amazon, threw all bookstores around the world under the bus.

I’d say for certain that a massive chunk of the reviews produced for the “Best Seller” Authors are put on Amazon by paid employees of their major ebook publishers. I’ve lost count of the times that I have seen loads of reviews uploaded on Amazon for an ebook that hasn’t been published online as of yet? I normally keep an eye out for this type of things, or may be I’ve noticed it much more than you, nevertheless, this type of thing happens all the time.I thought that Amazon books reviews were a blessing, but over the last couple of years I’ve learnt that Amazon ebook reviews are just another strategy the “Big Boys” utilize to stop the nobodies from competing and contending.

The Big Boys make out like the ebook reviews on Amazon are honest, when in reality, they are just another marketing trick. And the worst part of it all is that the ordinary book buyer on Amazon think the ebook reviews are all genuine, and to top it right off the free lance ebook authors and self-publishers believe the Amazon ebook reviews are legitimate as well!

There’s no doubt the “Best Seller Authors ” along with “their Big Boy Publishers” make tons of money. Just as Amazon does too. Yet how much moolah do we the little guys, who are the self-published authors create? We pay out their fees and commissions. Not only do we pay their fees, but we produce article content and information for their website for free. Professionals that sell their services to the little guy self-publishers expecting to sell their ebooks on Amazon join the online business of persuading authors and self-published writers that they can battle with the large publishers for ebook profits and sales made on Amazon. Meanwhile a lot of money is made from the actual sales of our own ebook manuals. It’s an all time classic sales tactic. Our ebooks with one or two potential client reviews make their “big ebooks” look more attractive and enticing. Big Business Establishments have been using this technique since the beginning of time. Man’s brain has been “designed” to compare everything. Absolutely everything that we learn that is new will never be understood until we compare it to exact or similar examples. A favorite fruit salad you just bought might appear wonderful until the  person sitting across from you receives a Ambrosia Fruit Salad to their table and your wishing you could order again. Just as your self-published book may look wonderful at first until the potential book buyer spots another one with a lot of excellent positive reviews written about it. Then the game changes and they get the sale.

With that said, in conclusion; the way that you receive easy & Quick Amazon Book Reviews (as this article title suggests) is to stop sitting around hoping that someone will love your book and then rush of to Amazon and post a good review online.

Your gonna need to take avasive action and track down getting reviews much like you would actively pursue another business venture, like getting advertising and marketing or getting sales. You must be relentless and business-like.

Get reviews any way you possibly can. Call on friends, family, email online friends, or even companies that offer such services (they are out there) to post reviews for your ebook.

Getting ebook reviews posted on books is actually a lot faster, less expensive, and simpler than you might think. The only thing that’s holding you back is fear,anxiety or worry that maybe you’re doing it all wrong. That fear is what separates authors that self-publish for fun, and confident authors that publish online to cracking it selling their books on Amazon. Get imaginative and creative. That’s what greatest Best Sellers did, didn’t they?

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